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The Zindzi I knew

Independent online (SA) 14 Jul 2020
Zindzi was the real McCoy - a true revolutionary ... Her saving grace was the opportunity to complete her education at Waterford in Swaziland, where many of the children of ANC exiles were being schooled. She would then visit her mother in the holidays, each time leaving with a broken heart when she had to say goodbye and leave her mother in desolation.

Barbra & I: Grant thrilled with new Streisand sculpture

RTE 06 Feb 2020
Richard E Grant has said he is thrilled at finally receiving his new specially-commissioned 2ft tall Barbra Streisand sculpture ... Grant (@RichardEGrant) February 6, 2020. Grant, 62, tweeted ... Last January, the actor revealed that he wrote to Streisand when he was 14 and offered her a holiday at his family home in Swaziland ... Streisand tweeted at the time.

What does it mean to be a black traveller?

BBC News 01 Jan 2020
"Now, I take on board people's views and opinions but I allow myself to experience the destination for myself," says the 28-year-old Londoner born to a Nigerian family ... Recent holidays have seen him road-tripping from South Africa to Eswatini (previously known as Swaziland), snorkelling in Cancun and watching the Northern Lights in Iceland ... .

Lonely Planet reveals its top countries to visit in 2020

RTE 22 Oct 2019
Here are the top 10 spots to visit in 2020.  Bhutan England  North Macedonia Aruba  eSwatini (SwazilandCosta Rica The Netherlands  Morocco  Liberia  Uruguay  ... From mountainous monasteries to the beaches of the Caribbean, here’s a look at the top six of next year’s holiday hot spots….

Richard E. Grant meets his idol Barbra Streisand after Hyde Park show

Belfast Telegraph 08 Jul 2019
Richard E. Grant has said it was “utterly surreal” meeting his idol Barbra Streisand backstage at her British Summer Time show in Hyde Park ... Grant (@RichardEGrant) July 8, 2019 ...— Richard E ... In January, Grant revealed he wrote to Streisand when he was 14 and offered her a holiday at his family home in Swaziland ... She tweeted ... .

Richard E Grant expresses joy over meeting idol Barbra Streisand at British Summer Time festival

The Independent 08 Jul 2019
Richard E Grant has expressed his joy at meeting his idol Barbra Streisand backstage during her British Summer Time show in London's Hyde Park ... We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view ... Subscribe now ... According to Grant, he’d written to the singer when he was 14 and asked if she would like to holiday at his family home in Swaziland ... .

Richard E. Grant said finally meeting his hero Barbra Streisand topped his Oscar nomination

Business Insider 25 Feb 2019
... he wrote to her as a teenager offering her his holiday home if she ever wanted some "respite" from the limelight ... He also shared the letter he had written to Streisand as a teenager, in which he invited her to take a holiday at his family home in Swaziland, south-east Africa.

Oscars 2019: Richard E. Grant can’t contain excitement as he shares selfies with Barbra Streisand, ...

The Independent 25 Feb 2019
Richard E ... Join Independent Minds ... Get the best of The Independent ... Get the best of The Independent ... Show all 23 ... In January, the actor shared a letter on Twitter that he’d written Streisand as a 14-year-old boy, in which he offered for her to enjoy a “two-week holiday, or longer” at his family’s home in Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, where he was born ... .

Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant on stardom: 'Some people have it and others don't'

Toronto Sun 19 Feb 2019
NEW YORKRichard E. Grant has been acting for over three decades ... Episode IX ... The actor took a photo outside Streisand’s home and included a letter he wrote to her when he was 14 offering her a “two-week holiday, or longer” at his family home in Swaziland after she split with her then-boyfriend Ryan O’Neal ... Twitter ... .

Richard E Grant ‘living the dream’ alongside fellow Oscar nominees

Belfast Telegraph 05 Feb 2019
Grant, who was born in Swaziland, also posed alongside Gaga, Mahershala Ali, Rami Malek, Glenn Close, Sam Elliott and Viggo Mortensen ... Grant, who was 14 when he wrote to the actress and offered her a holiday at his family home in Swaziland, broke down in tears after hearing Streisand had finally got around to replying. She tweeted ... Press Association. .

Basking in an Oscar nod, Richard E. Grant recalls 'Withnail'

The Saratogian 02 Feb 2019
NEW YORK (AP) — Richard E ... That it was frigid was fitting ... "It's like Greenland in here," Grant's Withnail says. "We've got to get some booze." ... "Mostly that." ... That's a delight." ... As a 14-year-old growing up in Swaziland, Grant wrote Streisand a letter offering her a two-week holiday "respite" in the tiny African country ... His father was an alcoholic ... ———.
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